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Wurr page 158 by Paperiapina

Overall, this is very well put together. The body language of each character is subtly different, further showing each wolf's feelings within the shot. Technique-wise, very well put together. The only thing I see as a 'flaw' is the amount of dilation in Iacar's eyes in the last panel- it makes him look a bit like a puppy. Overall, fantastic job. The characters are well placed, the artwork itself is stunning, and the dialogue works well. I am so excited to see how this evolves even more as the story continues! It's great to see such originality in your art.
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Mego-Sama-Lady-Sir Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
I love that the eyes are dilated so much, it must be dark in there so his eyes would be trying to take in as much light as possible to see
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